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 integrative therapy for restoring access to the natural stillness and harmonic rhythms of body, mind, and soul 

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Welcome to Still I Rise Counselling, where compassionate inquiry and trust in the emergent power of the present moment drive my approach to therapy. My intention is to offer a safe, curiosity-driven, and generative space where you are free to explore the unique contours of your life, lineage, challenges, and capacities. I offer a variety of services designed to support your growth and healing- including individual therapy, structured group practice, and therapy intensives. It is my honor to explore beside you in an adventure of deep self discovery, acceptance, possibility, and empowerment in your life.


Individual therapy sessions are designed to meet you where you are and welcome what comes with openhearted curiosity.  My approach is trauma-informed and grounded in compassionate care, as we explore the inner and outer landscapes of life together towards healing and growth.


Our group therapy sessions provide a confidential and nurturing space for individuals to come together and share their experiences, challenges, and successes. Group processes can be a valuable addition to your healing journey, offering a unique opportunity for personal development and connection with others.


  Formal practice groups explore the interplay of opposites in your life through Integral Polarity Practice (IPP). Group practice sessions enhance awareness of ways you presently relate with conflict and complexity, as well as access to greater depths of your own inner resourcing.


The purpose  of structured therapy intensives is to help you identify the unique values that guide you and engage your sense of purpose with passion. Practicing in a collective setting,  you will strengthen your capacity to orient and act in your life from a place of healthy vulnerability,  authenticity, and openhearted courage.

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